The World Treasury of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics (Paperback)

The World Treasury of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics (Paperback)

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The most eloquent and inspired science writing of our time.

An astonishing cast of more than ninety renowned writers provides thoughtful and lucid reflections on some of the major scientific topics of our time - from black holes and galaxies to artificial intelligence and chaos theory.

Featuring essays, articles, and poems penned by notables in the worlds of both science and literature; this unique book will delight the science enthusiast and the inquisitive general reader alike.

The writings of more than 60 authors including Isaac Asimov, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Pierre Curie, Primo Levi and James Gleick, are represented in this volume. Each expresses a perspective on the Sciences.

Editors: Timothy Ferris & Clifton Fadiman
Published by:
Little, Brown US - New Edition (23 Sept. 1993)

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