The Wisdom of Unicorns (Hardback) Joules Taylor (author), Danielle Noel (illustrator)

The Wisdom of Unicorns (Hardback) Joules Taylor (author), Danielle Noel (illustrator)

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Why be ordinary when you can be a unicorn?

Unicorns exist. Fact.

And these magical guardians with their powers of positivity, spiritual healing and general awesomeness will offer calm, comfort, empowerment and inspiration to make your every day, and your life, that bit more wonderful.

Learn how to channel the guidance of these most pure and joyous of spirit animals, tune into their essential power and harness their energy. Complete with motivating quotes, mantras and beautiful illustrations. 

No matter how rubbish things get, you can always turn to your unicorn.

Publisher: Ebury Publishing
ISBN: 9781785037368
Number of pages: 128
Weight: 320 g
Dimensions: 192 x 150 x 15 mm

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