The Epicure's Quiz and Puzzle Book Paperback – Museum Selection (Author)

The Epicure's Quiz and Puzzle Book Paperback – Museum Selection (Author)

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What name is given to the pasta that is shaped like a wagon wheel? What is the vegetable traditionally associated with gumbo? From which fruit is the cordial grenadine named? Which country is the world's largest producer of maple syrup? In which month of the year does Beaujolais nouveau make its appearance?

Pour yourself an aperitif, fix up a delectable treat, and sink your teeth into this addictive selection of gastrothemed quizzes, crosswords, and wordsearch puzzles. Though this scintillating collection originates in England (and does include, for example, a crossword featuring multiple varieties of pudding), the trivia encompasses world cuisine. And while the word searches may be a pleasantly breezy diversion, some of the cryptic crossword clues and more challenging quizzes are guaranteed to stump even the most knowledgeable gourmets. The Epicure's Quiz and Puzzle Book promises hours of enlightening fun for cooks, foodies, and anyone who appreciates a good meal!


ISBN:9781910562772Binding:Trade PaperbackPublisher:Bas BleuAuthor:Epicure

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