Stephen Hawking Wisdom: Stephen Hawking's Encapsulated Expressions (Paperback)

Stephen Hawking Wisdom: Stephen Hawking's Encapsulated Expressions (Paperback)

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It was in the year 1942, there born a child who in turn became known as one of the most brilliant brains in the modern scientific World. His name is Stephen William Hawking.

His theoretical prediction over the black holes attracted many ears. Stephen Hawking was the first person who formulated a theory of cosmology by blending quantum mechanics and theory of general relativity.

Bearing the chronic illness, Stephen Hawking is living a life with a mission to shed us light over the darkness of universal secrets.

Here we have collected sayings and quotes of Stephen Hawking which consists of quotations about various topics like science, aliens, god & religion, computers, life, social, truth, relationship, etc. You can find motivational quotes also among those he spelt.

This book, ‘Stephen Hawking Wisdom: Stephen Hawking’s Encapsulated Expressions’ contains the sayings and quotes of Stephen Hawking, many of which are thought provoking and eye-opening.

Spare some time for his teachings. Turn the pages and grasp the gifts that Stephen Hawking had left for you...

Author: Sreechinth C
Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (5 Mar 2016)

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