My Word is My Bond: The Autobiography (Hardback) Sir Roger Moore, KBE. (author)

My Word is My Bond: The Autobiography (Hardback) Sir Roger Moore, KBE. (author)

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I was christened Roger George Moore and we lived about a mile from the hospital, on Aldebert Terrace, London SW8. I was to be the couple’s only child. You see, they achieved perfection first time round.

The quintessential suave hero, Roger Moore has had an extraordinary career that has spanned seven decades, from early television to the golden age of Hollywood and on to international superstardom.

Dashing, handsome and every inch the archetypal English gentleman, he is unforgettable as The Saint, as Lord Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders! and, of course, as James Bond, making seven blockbusting films as arguably the most debonair of the 007s.

For the first time, Roger shares his recollections of playing some of the world's most famous roles alongside a host of legendary stars. With myriad stories from his personal life - from his childhood in London and experiences during the Second World War, to the happy and turbulent times in his later life.

Along with anecdotes about his encounters with the stars and his wonderful memories from the heyday of Hollywood, My Word is My Bond is as frank, funny and disarmingly charming as the legend himself.

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