Medical School Survival Guide (Trauma Survival Guide) Ashley McKimm

Medical School Survival Guide (Trauma Survival Guide) Ashley McKimm

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Medical school can be a scary place. There's the dissection room, angry hospital consultants and the student union bar on a Wednesday night. But don't go running for home just yet.

With the help of over 100 medical students we'll tell you how to survive in the land of colonoscopy clinics, cardiology vivas and neuro mcqs.

So grab this book, swing that stethoscope round your neck and step into the big bad world of becoming a doctor.NEW 2004 Edition includes -

Sample CVs, letters and elective applications for you to reproduce

Over £50,000 worth of elective grants listed

Complete guide to all 170+ intercalated courses

Tips for living in halls and finding rented accommodation

Perfected answers to those tricky questions at interviews

List of companies offering medical student discounts

Learn the best OSCE phrases to pick up top marks in exams

Jargon free medical history write-up plan

Managing your finances and earning extra cash the easy way

Planning your elective and choosing the best destination

Learning resources reviewed and rated to save you time

How to look professional and intelligent on the wards

Survive freshers week and live to tell the tale

Presenting a patient on a ward round for the first time

Careers guide to both medical and non-medical professions

+ all those things no-one bothers to tell you because they expect you to know!

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