Love Across the Decades [Paperback] Steven Baker

Love Across the Decades [Paperback] Steven Baker

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Love Across the Decades contains five different romance stories. Each of Steven's stories is set in a different time period, including the Great Depression years of the thirties; the Second World War and the years afterwards; the Sixties; and the early 1990s. The stories mark many changes across society, with attitudes becoming more liberal, couples living together before marriage and having children out of wedlock.

Though Steven's stories are focused on romance, he also looks at those that are not in a relationship. Steven believes that these stories will appeal to people of all ages, as he focuses on relationships rather than bad language or intense sexual scenes.

Skillfully transporting the reader back in time to different eras, Love Across the Decades will appeal to readers of all ages. Each reader will be able to find something that resonates personally with them, feel real empathy with the character an essential part of any love story.

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