LEGO Games 3843: Ramses Pyramid

LEGO Games 3843: Ramses Pyramid

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Stop the Mummy King Ramses from conquering all of Egypt with his army of mummies. Unlock the crystal-coded layers to climb to the top of the pyramid and defeat the Mummy King, taking his crown and the treasures within. A family game of memory, skill and cunning. Compete against each other or take on the Mummy King together. Created in cooperation with Reiner Knizia, a multi award-winning game designer.

How to Play LEGO Games
Build: the basic game layout using the included building instructions. Play: Move around the outside of the pyramid on the brown movement spaces, collecting as many crystals as possible and put them by your tent. Start to climb the pyramid (on any side), using your crystals to allow you access to the levels of the pyramid. If you do not have the relevant-coloured crystal, look under one of the domes and then replace the dome in another position. All other players must now remember where the coloured crystal is housed. You can also use the mummies to start to block your opponents and also rotate the pyramid to block their path or move their crystals. But be careful as they can do the same to you. The first player to the top of the pyramid and roll a mummy tile on the dice can claim the treasure.

Change: change the rules so that you can play the game as a team or so that to win the game the winning player must be able to identify where the coloured crystals are under the domes.

Box Contains


  • LEGO bricks
  • 1 x Buildable LEGO board
  • 1 x Buildable LEGO dice
  • 13 x Microfigures
  • 1 x Rule booklet
  • 1 x Building instruction booklet

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