Fundex Mexican Train Dominoes

Fundex Mexican Train Dominoes

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Fundex Mexican Train Dominoes is the original version of Mexican Train dominoes featuring a fun hub that goes 'toot toot', 9 little trains and comes in a shaped tin.

Many games can be played with Double 12 Dominoes but the most popular is "Mexican Train". Mexican Train dominoes has become a bit of a fad in the USA since 2004/5 and the game is now 'en vogue' in Europe, too.

Our set from Fundex is for those who take their Mexican Train dominoes seriously or for children who will love the unique 3-D Train hub that makes noises!

The Fundex set features a higher quality hub with a speaker that toots and chugs when pressed and cleverly holds dominoes in place during game play. Dominoes are whilte composition tiles with coloured spots at 10mm thick.

Fundex Mexican Train Dominoes comes in a specially shaped Tin containing the Train Hub, set of Double Twelve Dominoes, a full quota of 9 mini-train game pieces, and instructions.

This product requires batteries, although the game can still be played without them, if peace and quiet is preferred! Batteries are included.

91 Dominoes included.

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