Fluorescent Blue Platter Mat
Fluorescent Blue Platter Mat
Fluorescent Blue Platter Mat
Fluorescent Blue Platter Mat

Fluorescent Blue Platter Mat

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Bling-up your audio-experience ... both visually and most importantly assisting your audio pic-up with this stylish replacement turntable-mat. The mat absorbs and redirects ambient light to form a brightly coloured edge*. Most importantly improving base and mid-range sound-dynamics ... and some people have also reported improved high-end sound-brightness**.

*visual brightness subject to proximity and intensity of ambient light. 

**audio changes subject to HiFi equipment and your own perception of sound.

The mat includes a central recess for the record label to ensure the best record to mat contact. 

Remember to check your stylus height before and after installation, making height adjustment if necessary. 


Fluorescent Blue 3mm thick acrylic platter mat / Acrylic turntable mat.

For 305mm (12”) record player.

Item reference: B3

The mats are 299mm o/d, to allow 3mm, record overlap each side, for easy handling of your precious vinyl. 

Each platter mat is quality controlled ensuring the spindle-hole is reamed to the exact tolerance.  The mat is then treated with anti-static, and fully inspected prior packaging. 

The mats are made from cast-acrylic and has superb acoustic damping properties of both the platter and the record.  It is tracking-safe, an added safety feature when playing  7 inch records.

(Demonstration record player not included)

This classy blue has the most reserved appearance and hence least visually bright in the range. 

Available in other colours subject to availability. 

Groovy Baby ...

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