Canine Cuisine: How to cook tasty meals and treats that your dog will enjoy (Paperback) Elaine Everest

Canine Cuisine: How to cook tasty meals and treats that your dog will enjoy (Paperback) Elaine Everest

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Every dog owner wants the best for their pet. Commercial dog foods and biscuits contain colourings, flavour enhancers and preservatives that are just as unlikely to be good for our pets as they are for us. The only way we can know that our beloved dog is getting a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet is if we prepare their food ourselves. In this book, Elaine Everest provides over 100 tasty and nutritional recipes for every occasion, from main meals cooked with organic ingredients to kibble and mixer biscuit substitutes and delicious biscuits and treats to supplement their diet. There are even recipes for cakes that can be specially baked to celebrate birthdays and other fun occasions. Healthy treats that will keep dogs lean and fit. Easy to prepare daily meals, even for the non-cooks amongst us. Easy to make training titbits, plus recipes to cook and freeze Cooling snacks for hot days. Vegetarian meals, slimming meals and special diets for happy hounds. With this handy book you'll never again need to purchase mass produced treats for your dog - and you'll save money too.

Contents: Acknowledgements; 1. Why Cook for Our Dogs?; 2. Biscuits and Everyday Treats 3. Cook and Freeze; 4. Daily Recipes; 5. Birthdays and Celebration Food; 6. Training Treats 7. Kibble and Mixer Biscuit; 8. Fundraising and Presents; 9. Hot Dog Coolers; 10. Weight Control and Other Diets; 11. Sauces and Gravies; 12. Foods that Are Dangerous for Dogs; Appendix 1: Oven Temperatures; Appendix 2: Recommended Retailers and Books; Index.

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
ISBN: 9781845284084
Weight: 236 g
Dimensions: 215 x 135 x 10 mm

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