Reflects on 2020

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As we begin our break from the busy period of December, we look back at our first year of our independent online store The Book Cave.

We launched the website in January 2020 in an attempt to break The Book Cave away from Amazon.

Well ... perhaps the web site was not catchy enough, or more likely our advertising was inadequate ... Your feedback would be appreciated.

From our perspective, it appears to be the convenience of what has become a default way to online shop ... that of Amazon, that has prevented people from being savvy shoppers.

It’s interesting that 99.9% of customers who bought our books could have saved 25% for eleven months (and 20% during December) of this year for our same products, same delivery, same packaging, same returns policy, and same aftercare by simply shopping direct from, rather than via Amazon.  The same will be true for many other small businesses.

Our pricing has remained stable as ever, without the need for gimmick-discounts following elevated prices as undertaken by certain traders.

Our overall sales were good during Lockdown 1 and returning to normal for the summer, as people started to return to work, albeit many now home-working, and sadly an increasing number out of work and saving their pennies.

The year has flown by ... which is probably a good thing considering the circumstances of this year caused by the horrible C-19.

Our website has had many interesting blogs, with many more ideas for future blogs. Click: Blog 

Following the experience of 2020 has not deterred us from wanting the Great British shoppers .... and indeed shoppers of the World ... to genuinely begin to support independent small businesses.  We wish to create healthy competitive trading for the benefit of one and all ... rather than helping to build the monogamous empire of Amazon even larger than it is already ...

Please spread the word for the need to actively ‘Support Small Businesses’.

We wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy ... but above all Healthy New Year.

For those that have taken the time to peruse our online shop, and especially those that subscribed to our newsletter and bought direct ... a Great Big Thank you. 

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