Easter (Sunday 12th April 2020)

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Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the New Testament of the Bible, the event is said to have occurred three days after Jesus was crucified by the Romans.

Easter is usually celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon, after the spring equinox.

The giving of chocolate eggs at Easter ... representing new life ... as gifts around the Spring equinox long predates Christianity, though Christian tradition has adopted the practice with an empty egg coming to represent Jesus' empty tomb after the resurrection.

Whether Christian or not, Easter is the first major multi-day holiday of the year and welcomes the Spring and the beginning of new life. It is a great opportunity for families to re-connect and give Gifts in celebration.

Here’s our 10 recommendations for gifts this Easter ... ready to buy now ...

Five being for Christians new and old ... and five for simple enjoyment ...



#10 Bringing in the Sheaves

After a life of sex and drugs and the Communards - brilliantly recounted in the highly acclaimed first volume of his memoirs FATHOMLESS RICHES -the Reverend Richard Coles went on to devote his life to God and Christianity. He is also a much-loved broadcaster, presenting SATURDAY LIVE on Radio 4 and giving us regular reason to PAUSE FOR THOUGHT on Radio 2.

What is life like for the parson in Britain today? For centuries the Church calendar - and the Church minister - gave character and personality to British life. Today, however, as the shape of the year has become less distinct and faith no longer as privileged or persuasive, that figure has become far more marginal.

In BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES, Reverend Coles answers this question. From his ordination during the season of Petertide, through Advent and Christmas to Lent and Easter, he gives us a unique insight into his daily experience in the ministry, with all the joy, drama, difficulty and humour which life - and indeed death - serves up in varying measures.

Written with extraordinary charm and erudition, BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES features a multitude of characters and events from parish life against a backdrop of the Christian calendar.


#9 Christianity on Trial

Is Christianity reasonable?

Is it more reasonable to believe that a god exists than not? Is it plausible that such a god would choose to create and communicate with humanity? Can we trust the alleged eyewitness testimony to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus?

Mark Lanier, one of America's top trial lawyers, brings a legal eye to examine the plausibility of the Christian faith. Explaining the rules that courts follow to determine the likelihood of truth, he interrogates key witnesses from throughout history to explore whether it makes sense to accept the Christian world-view or not.

We must choose what is worthy of belief and what is not. Weigh the arguments and decide for yourself.


#8 Bacon Sandwiches and Salvation: An A-Z of the Christian Life


Adrian works through the alphabet, combining one-line definitions with more thoughtful pieces - a laugh-out-loud book on Christians and Christian culture.

What are the two most important things in the universe? Bacon sandwiches and salvation, according to Adrian Plass. In this book, he combines one-line definitions with more thoughtful pieces, producing a volume that will make you laugh, cry - and reflect.

Despite the fact that someone once offered him five million pounds never to write another word for publication (one hilarious story recounted here) this is a glorious book. Vintage Plass.

'Doubt: more or less frequent visitor who should be allowed in when he knocks at the door and sat firmly down in a corner. As long as he is neither fed nor entertained he will usually get bored after a while and go away.'

'Ineffable: (1) cannot be expressed in words (2) cannot be sworn at.

'Oblivion: nothing to worry about.' 'Go in peace: (1) injunction to the congregation at the end of communion (2) something that is only possible for those blessed with an en-suite bathroom and toilet.'

'Pillar of the church: big thick thing that holds everything up and restricts vision.'

"Healing, life-affirming and full of hope." Rob Frost

"Subversive but not destructive, cutting but never unkind, the man helps me to want to remain a Christian.

Brilliant, fun, laugh-out-loud stuff." Jeff Lucas, author, speaker, broadcaster Adrian Plass is one of today's most successful Christian authors. He has written over twenty books in the last eighteen years, including The Son of God is Dancing.


#7 Disciples and Citizens: A Vision for Distinctive Living


How should we live as 'dual citizens', citizens both of the kingdom of God and of our nation, in a rapidly changing world? In the light of the kingdom of God, what would be an appropriate Christian involvement in society and its public life?

Many Christians find integrated, whole-life discipleship very difficult. It is easier to live not so much a double life, but a dualistic one, where faith is a personal matter which has very little impact on work, civic participation and other more public areas of life. This is not necessarily hypocritical. Some Christians feel powerless to make any significant difference in the world and decide to keep their heads down, rather than get themselves into difficulty for little or no purpose. Others simply don't know what to do.

Some have an over-negative view of society, combined with an inadequate grasp of the gospel. In fact, this approach is based on a 'double negative': the world 'doesn't really matter' and 'it's bad anyway', and so should be avoided as much as possible. From this point of view, this world's only importance is to provide the context for evangelism, as the gospel is solely about heaven when we die. On the other hand, when society is examined, it is seen as a dangerous place, going from bad to worse: something for 'spiritual' Christians to avoid.

Mercifully, such attitudes are much less prevalent than they once were, thanks in part to initiatives like the London Lectures in Contemporary Christianity. But they have by no means disappeared from the churches. Both forms of dualism are based on an inadequate grasp of Scripture.

As we shall see, there are profound gospel reasons for taking seriously both our national life and our call to be Christian citizens. There are also good reasons for identifying the positive as well as the negative aspects of society. This book will identify ways in which our social health is under threat, but it will do so assuming that a nation's social health is a proper matter of Christian action and concern, because it matters to God.

Graham Cray, Bishop of Maidstone
March 2007


#6 Home-Baked Gifts with Love

Home-baked goods are the ideal gift - delicious, inexpensive and always made with love. From cute cookies to tempting chocolates, this collection of 50 delightful recipes offers ideas for every celebration and occasion.

As well as beautifully decorated birthday cakes and traditional treats, such as lebkuchen for Christmas and chocolate eggs for Easter, discover fabulous cookies and cupcakes, scrumptious jams and preserves, and flavoured oils and vinegars.

Whether you're baking for baby showers and weddings or to welcome new neighbours, you'll find a wonderful present here. And, of course, why not bake and give any of these irresistible recipes just to say thank you? With ideas on presentation and wrapping, Home-Baked Gifts With Love ensures you give the perfect edible gift every time.


#5 50 Easter Things to Make and Do


This title features 50 absorbing and creative activities ranging from cooking, drawing and painting to more advanced projects such as Easter crowns, decorated eggs and an Easter garland.

Every card contains a separate activity that is beautifully illustrated and shows clear, step-by-step instructions. It is spiral bound to allow easy use and transportation, and means no card will ever get lost!



#4 Celebrate: A year of British festivities for families and friends


Celebrate by Pippa Middleton is a fully illustrated and beautifully designed book packed with recipes, crafts and inspirational ideas.

Beginning with autumn and ending with summer, Celebrate is a one-stop guide to entertaining throughout the British year. It contains a myriad of personal tips, favourite recipes and useful decorating ideas.

Practical but full of fun, it guides readers through the planning stages to the events themselves, from Christmas and Easter to a show-stopping New Year's Eve and from children's parties, family birthdays, lazy weekend brunches and picnics on the beach to a quiet supper at home with friends.

In Celebrate, Pippa Middleton provides easy and affordable ideas for a successful celebration and offers charming and little-known facts and historical anecdotes for each occasion. The result is a cornucopia of information that is fascinating, inspiring and wonderfully accessible.



#3 The Games Book: How to Play the Games of Yesterday



Have you ever struggled to remember your favourite childhood game so you can teach it to your own children? Do you love to reminisce about the good old days when it was all just good old-fashioned fun?

"The Games Book" has the answers. Packed full of traditional indoor and outdoor games from yesteryear, it contains something for family members of all ages to enjoy. Each game has instructions and some hints and tips for beginners. There are fantastic illustrations throughout.

An ideal companion for rainy days and family holidays. With a classic 1950s retro look, "The Games Book" is a great gift for every family member.

Entries include: Spooky games - "Murder in the Dark"; Playground games - "What's the Time Mr. Wolf?"; Swimming games - Sharks and Minnows; Card games - Gin Rummy; Paper games - Consequences; Ball games - Sevens; Car games - Back Seat Snooker.


#2 The Lady and the Chocolate


A beautifully hand-lettered and illustrated story of a woman and the salvation she finds through chocolate. Edward Monkton's latest stylish and collectable book is the perfect gift for mums on Mothers' Day and any woman worth her salt this Easter and all year round.

Each book in this new series is an original tale, charmingly illustrated, and created especially for this brand-new series of gift books. Hand-lettered in the same style as the Edward Monkton cards by the Really Good company, the tales are wonderfully packaged with the utmost style and attention to detail, making these hugely desirable objects and the perfect gift for special occasions.

These creations prove there is a universal and enduring audience for stories that inspire and touch hearts. Their philosophy is to heal, unite, amuse and delight in equal measures. And what better way to do this than with chocolate?



#1 The Heavenly Party: Recover the Fun: Life-Changing Celebrations

Drawing upon her rich Jewish heritage, Michele integrates sacred and secular using pilgrim festivals and symbol, ritual and liturgy. She explains what true celebration is, with ideas and resources for celebration at home or in the wider community. Christians should have the best parties!

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